sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

Cedric Gervais ft. Maria Matto - Leave Me Alone

Depois de "Ready Or Not", O Dj americano Cedric Gervais lança o seu novo single "Leave Alone". A canção está simplesmente incrível, ainda mais com os belos vocais da cantora Maria Matto. "Leave Alone" recebeu o remix de Sultan & Ned Shepard.

Veja a letra:

It’s not up to you,
It’s not up to you anymore!
Not anymore!
My heart is wrong,
So you are wrong,
Just leave me alone!

You can’t make up your mind!
You’re ………me around,
Feels like you’re falling out of luck!
If you’re confusing me,
If you can call me,
And I’ll hold on cause I’m in love!


You’re playing with my mind,
You’re playing with my heart,
But I’ll stay stronger on my own!
You try controlling me,
And you can………. in me,
And I also see that you were wrong!


All I want is love, so turn to me!
All I want is love, so turn to me!